ELVIS, OBAMA, LADY GAGA, MADONNA, HUGH HEFNER, KISS, GEORGE W BUSH & BILL CLINTON all grace their presence in this "star" studded documentary, but Is looking like the most recognizable people on the planet a blessing or a curse?


JUST ABOUT FAMOUS shines a spotlight on the often overlooked side of celebrity: the lookalikes. Take a trip into the intriguing, enlightening, and often times surreal life of celebrity impersonators as a group of individual impersonators, each with a different path, converge at the annual SUNBURST CONVENTION FOR CELEBRITY TRIBUTE ARTISTS.


JUST ABOUT FAMOUS is based on the short (2010) that played in over 2 dozen film festivals across the country.




Charlie Franks - Elvis Presley

John Morgan - George W Bush

Dale Leigh - Bill Clinton

Sean Banks - Barack Obama


Jack Berrios - Kiss

Talon Berrios - Kiss

Betty Atchison - Lady Gaga

George Kane - Hugh Hefner

Chris America - Madonna

Scott Mason - Dame Edna

Bettina Williams - Whoopi Goldberg


Greg Thompson - Himself

Jackie Thompson - Herself

Mattisen Thompson - Herself

Lynn Frey - Himself


Patsy Gilbert - Sarah Palin

Randy Hanson - Ozzy Osbourne

Michael Cates - Phil Donahue

Tatiana Turan - Angelina Jolie

Richard Hampton - Kenny Rogers

John Allen - Sean Connery

John Manuella - Robert DeNiro

Sharon Holmes - Martha Stewart

Jack Bullard - Jack Nicholson

Stu Gordon - Danny Devito




Jason Kovacsev - Co-Director

Matt Mamula - Co-Director


John Schaub - Producer


John Schaub - Editor

Matt Mamula - Editor


John Schaub - Cinematography

Matt Mamula - Cinematography

Aaron Hose - Cinematography


Alex Cromartie - Recording Mix Engineer


Anne Waters - Associate Producer

Jared Hess - Associate Producer

Aaron Hose - Associate Producer


Alexandra Useche - DIT/PA

Drew Volosio - PA

Chris Whitt - PA